Painted Chandelier

Painted Chandelier:

It seems to me we’ve been living in this home for almost three years now, and every morning I wake up to the least pleasant looking light fixture in the house. It’s one of those nipple-dome lights with the brass lip around the edge.

Painted Chandelier: Old Fixture

I’m quite pleased with all the other pre-existing light fixtures in the house, and I’m sure when we moved in we talked about replacing this one. But, as things tend to go, you get used to sights and don’t really see them anymore. And no matter where we’ve lived, the master bedroom has always been the room in my house that I pay the least attention to, since no one sees it except us. I guess finally creating a headboard inspired me to do something about the light.

A painted chandelier was just the ticket to add a little glam to my bedroom ceiling. And it had to be coral red to contrast all the tiffany blue in the room — one of my new favourite colour combinations, as you tell from so many of my paper craft designs.

Finding a chandelier to make over was harder than I expected. I watched Kijiji ads for months without finding anything suitable. The options were either too expensive, too big for the space, or located too far away. So Monday this week it was a sunny winter day and I decided to take the morning off to just to drive around town until I found one. It was only a few stops before I ended up at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where used building materials are recycled for charity.

Painted Chandelier: Used Chandelier

This chandelier was just the right size. I was hoping to find one for $20 or less, but because it was a brushed nickel finish instead of ugly brass, I knew it was priced accordingly so I picked it up for $30.

Painted Chandelier: Coral Spraypaint

Finding a coral spray paint was the real challenge. It took me six stops before I found this one called “Poppy Red” at a local Canadian Tire store. I was nervous about whether it would be the shade I wanted.

Painted Chandelier: Before

Reading other’s blogs about the process of painting chandeliers, I took the advice to suspend it with a drop cloth underneath so that the spraying could be done in one shot.

Painted Chandelier: Wet Paint

Here it is after the first coat, looking kind of pinky, but I was very happy with the result.

Painted Chandelier: Love this color!

It did dry a little darker… I couldn’t be more pleased!

Painted Chandelier:

My uber-skilled husband did the grunt work in installing the new fixture.

Painted Chandelier:

Now my bedroom is looking sweeter. Hmmmm… those walls look a little bare…

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