Picture of Me

Me & My Favourite Guy

Hi. I’m Tina. I’ll admit it — I’m cheap! I don’t want to spend big money for something I can make myself for next to nothing. I buy used whenever it’s safe (and sanitary!) to do so. Dollar stores are my best friend. Garage sales are my guilty pleasure. Sometimes I even forage the woods for supplies.

I love do-it-yourself. For craft projects and home décor, I’m a DIY girl through and through.

This blog marries my favourite hobbies with my penchant for affordability and simplicity. It features home décor and craft projects that:

  • cost little (ideally $25 or less)
  • take little time (under 3 hours is best)
  • involve easy-to-find supplies (think dollar stores and thrift stores)

If that sounds good to you, why not join me on this little journey? Hopefully we can learn lots of great tips and tricks from each other along the way.

About Me

  • I live in a small town in Ontario Canada. Two of the Great Lakes are within a half-hour’s drive (Lake Erie and Lake Ontario).
  • I am a pastor’s wife, which is actually a lot more fun than it sounds!
  • In the past ten years we have lived in six different homes. We keep our boxes now.
  • I have two cats, Buttons and Gelby.
  • I also have several “unofficial” pets. My rule is that if you have fur or feathers and you cross my yard, I have the right to name you and consider you a pet.
  • I had a baby once. He was the best and sweetest little boy you could imagine. We fostered him for 14 months. He really wriggled his way into our hearts. We hoped to become a permanent family but it was not to be. I miss him every day.
  • I find it a waste of time to dry dishes with a towel when it’s more hygienic to let them air dry. I often put them away wet. Scandalous, I know.
  • I dislike flying almost as much as I detest job interviews.


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