Today was the first full day of fall and also our monthly “date night”. Since the weather was beautiful we changed date ‘night’ to date ‘afternoon’ and headed off for a local u-pick apple orchard.

Apple Trees 2

I grew up in British Columbia surrounded by apple orchards so it was a nice little romp down memory lane for me to see and experience the sights and smells.

Wooden Apple Bin

Of course you can’t have a u-pick apple orchard without some animals to pet, and luckily there were a few of those as well.

Happy Little Goat

There were some happy little goats…

Clydesdale Ponies

…and a couple of Clydesdale ponies as well.

The apple trees were loaded with ripe, delicious and fragrant wares.

Apple Trees 1

Apples are such an iconic autumn fixture in my mind, that today’s outing prompted me to seek out some apple-inspired DIY craft projects. Here are some of the beauties I found (direct links to follow):

7 Awesome Apple Crafts

Here are the direct links to these lovely projects:

1) Puzzle Piece Apple
2) Dried Apple Bird Feeder
3) Apple Stamps
4) Apple-Shaped Cupcakes
5) Paper Apple Garland
6) Soda Bottle Apples
7) Paper Book Apples

Have a happy fall everyone!