Wooden Apple Bin

Today was the first full day of fall and also our monthly “date night”. Since the weather was beautiful we changed date ‘night’ to date ‘afternoon’ and headed off for a local u-pick apple orchard.

Apple Trees 2

I grew up in British Columbia surrounded by apple orchards so it was a nice little romp down memory lane for me to see and experience the sights and smells.

Wooden Apple Bin

Of course you can’t have a u-pick apple orchard without some animals to pet, and luckily there were a few of those as well.

Happy Little Goat

There were some happy little goats…

Clydesdale Ponies

…and a couple of Clydesdale ponies as well.

The apple trees were loaded with ripe, delicious and fragrant wares.

Apple Trees 1

Apples are such an iconic autumn fixture in my mind, that today’s outing prompted me to seek out some apple-inspired DIY craft projects. Here are some of the beauties I found (direct links to follow):

7 Awesome Apple Crafts

Here are the direct links to these lovely projects:

1) Puzzle Piece Apple
2) Dried Apple Bird Feeder
3) Apple Stamps
4) Apple-Shaped Cupcakes
5) Paper Apple Garland
6) Soda Bottle Apples
7) Paper Book Apples

Have a happy fall everyone!