shipping label

Shipping Crate Console

A few weeks back the hubby and I popped across the border to attend the “Great American Garage Sale” just outside Buffalo, New York. With visions of “Flea Market Flip” episodes dancing in my head, I anticipated finding a unique vintage treasure, just waiting to be transformed. (more…)

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Magazine Strip Silhouette Art

Here’s another Pinterest inspired wall art! I created a silhouette of a grizzly bear. Due to it’s size it had to be printed on two sheets of paper and tiled. If you want to duplicate this project, you can download the grizzly bear silhouette here. After tracing it on a sheet of corrugated cardboard I cut it out with a utility knife. Next I created narrow strips of coloured magazine pages. I tried to include as much typography as possible and a wide...

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Chevron Map Wall Art

Tell me, where did ideas come from before Pinterest? I saw a pin for this project and said to myself, my wall must have these! It was surprisingly quick and easy to put together, and I just happened to have everything needed to make it happen: a map, some mod podge, a small piece of plywood, a jigsaw, and some hooks. First I created templates for three nesting chevrons, a smaller set for the map portion, and a slightly larger set for the...

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Advent Calendar Printable Boxes

Each fall I like to develop one or two new printable Advent Calendar sets for sale in my Etsy shop. This year I had so much fun putting together this festive and jolly set in kraft with red and white accents! Advent calendars are a such fun family tradition at Christmas time. They serve to build up anticipation and excitement for the arrival of that special day — as if additional encouragement was needed! As a child I loved those tacky grocery...

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Free Printable Greeting Cards

Have you ever been getting ready for an event — a birthday celebration, a visit to someone in the hospital, a goodbye party — when you realized you didn’t have a card to bring with you? It happens to me quite often and can be a bit stressful. As can turning over those fancy store-bought cards and reading the price! I mean it’s just ink and paper and people throw them away after you leave. Nevertheless it’s a convention of...

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Free SVG and Silhouette Studio Digital Cut Files

There’s nothing I love more than freebies! If you love them too, read on. Since purchasing a Silhouette SD digital cutter several years ago I’ve designed quite a few cut files from scratch. I sold them for a couple years in my Etsy shop but recently decided that I would remove them. The reason? I didn’t sell much volume and found it challenging supporting all the new machines, models, and file types that were coming out. I didn’t want to sell...

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Deer Head String Art

Yes, good old string art seems to have made a resurgence. I remember doing it as a craft in grade school in the early 80’s. Of course today’s version is more chic and sophisticated than the stuff we came up with back then, right? Whatever the case, I have a blank wall in the living room that has been begging for some décor for a long time so a quick search of Pinterest gave me the idea of creating a deer...

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Free Baby Milestone Stickers

Free Printable Baby Milestone Stickers

For anyone expecting a baby, or for anyone who has a friend/family member expecting, these milestone stickers in trendy chalkboard style are just the ticket! Download them below for free in PDF format. You simply need to print on a letter-sized (8.5×11″) full sheet of sticker or label paper (e.g. Avery #8165), cut them out, and stick them on your little one’s clothing at the appropriate time for a really cute milestone photo op! This set includes 5 sheets with 4 stickers...

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Free Arrow Clip Art

Free Arrow Clipart

If, like me, free is your favourite price, then here’s a little something for you! This year I’ve decided to participate in the Etsy Digital Designers Team’s 2015 Color Challenge. Each month features a new color palette as inspiration for designers to create products for sale and/or freebies. These 72 clipart arrows in transparent background PNG format are my submission for January. I thought about selling them in my Etsy shop, but then I thought, no, free is more fun! Click on the image...

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Woodland Christmas Tags

Free Christmas Gift Tags

I hope you enjoy these rustic Christmas gift tags! All you need is a sheet of white card stock paper, a colour printer, a single hole punch, and some ribbon or string. The natural kraft background is built into the file. Just print, cut, and punch a hole and they’re ready for you to add some woodsy cheer to all your special packages and parcels! Free Download Download Free Christmas Gift Tags in US Letter Size Paper (PDF) Download Free Christmas Gift Tags in A4...

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Rustic Side Table

This project involved getting lucky in finding the raw materials I needed at just the right time. The first bit of luck was finding these wooden stools in great shape at a thrift store for only $5 each. The second was coming home after a fruitless search of yard sales for weathered barn wood to find my husband creating a pile of stuff to throw away from an old shed in the back yard. These boards just happened to be sitting at...

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Free 2015 Printable Calendar

Free 2015 Printable Calendar

Well, 2014 will be over before we know it. Here’s to all that 2015 has to offer! One of the first things it has to offer is this free printable desktop calendar set. I’ve laid it out in a really simple, minimalist format, featuring some of my favourite bright and cheery patterns. When completed it consists of four separate tri-fold stand up calendars. You can download the PDF file in either A4 (210 x 297 mm) or letter size (8.5 x11″) format....

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DIY Paper Blossoms

DIY Paper Blossoms

These cheery paper blossoms attached to the ends of twigs are a simple yet elegant DIY project that won’t take a lot of time or resources to put together. They are great for home décor, wedding centerpieces, bridal shower decor, and so much more. If you want to duplicate this project you’ll need… A container (I used a small mason jar and painted it with ivory craft paint) Florist wire A bundle of twigs Heavy-ish paper, like card stock or scrapbook paper (I used a couple...

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DIY Wood Pallet Clock

DIY Wood Pallet Clock

I have often admired those giant pallet clocks you find in home décor shops for their rustic chic, but the price tags were always so off-putting. Thanks to some DIY posts I stumbled across on Pinterest, I decided that maybe I could throw one together myself. Here are some of the yard sale finds that helped get my project under way. I took all this home for $20. Oh, and there’s my good buddy, Buttons, in the corner. He has to be...

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Dip Dye Knick Knack Makeover: Turn kitsch into chic decor

Dip Dye Knick Knack Makeover

Thrift stores and yard sales are chock full of abandoned and, dare-I-say, ugly knick knacks that even Aunt Bessie wouldn’t display in her china cabinet. You know the kind… mod-podged ceramics, brassy chotskies, grade-school art projects. The good news is you can bring new life to these destined-for-destruction items by giving them the dip dye makeover treatment! It’s a great way to bring decor to your nooks, floating shelves, and mantles on a budget. I’m calling it “dip dye,” but in reality...

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DIY Window Frame Key Hanger & Message Board

Window Frame Makeover: Key Hanger & Message Board

A country yard sale is the perfect place to pick up old weathered relics perfect for a do-it-yourselfer’s imagination. I picked this dirty, soot-covered window frame for $5 from among a stack of a half-dozen or so similar items. I knew it had potential to become a shabby chic key holder and message board to keep by the front door. I was very pleased to find that they window panes cleaned up nicely. I removed unnecessary hardware, but kept the rusty hinges in...

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Window Frame Headboard Makeover:

Window Frame Headboard Makeover

I have never had a headboard for our current bed so when I saw these slightly scruffy window frames being given away for free at a yard sale I knew they had to come home with me. Here are some shots from the clean up & transformation process: This grooved trowel worked well to distress the wood. A little brown shoe polish worked into some of the exposed wood helped with the aging process. The outside edges of the windows were particle board that...

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Acorn Top Squirrel Silhouette -

Acorn Top Squirrel

One thing I absolutely love about autumn is the busyness of the squirrels in the wooded park across the street. I have a habit of naming wild animals and thereby claiming them as my pets. Since moving to my present home, this practice no longer applies to squirrels. There are just too many of them! I can’t look out the window without seeing one. I can hardly pull out of the driveway without having to avoid one. Their population seems to...

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Printable Fortune Cookie Templates

Freebie: Chinese Takeout Box & Fortune Cookie Templates

These Chinese takeout box printable templates and fortune cookies make for colorful and festive party décor. They’re really easy to put together. All you need is plain white card stock — the patterns are built in. For the fortune cookies you can use card stock for a hearty feel, but they’ll be easier to make with standard weight copy paper. Make sure you add some custom fortune messages inside your cookies! Free Template Download Download the US Letter Size PDF (8.5 x 11″) Download the...

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Wooden Apple Bin

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Today was the first full day of fall and also our monthly “date night”. Since the weather was beautiful we changed date ‘night’ to date ‘afternoon’ and headed off for a local u-pick apple orchard. I grew up in British Columbia surrounded by apple orchards so it was a nice little romp down memory lane for me to see and experience the sights and smells. Of course you can’t have a u-pick apple orchard without some animals to pet, and luckily there...

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Free Templates - Paper Gift Boxes and Bags

Freebie: Little Birdie Gift Bags & Favor Boxes

Here are three free paper craft templates that can be used for so many occasions! These little bird boxes and bags are great for party favors or as a package for giving small gifts or nibblies. Free Template Download Download the US Letter Size PDF (8.5 x 11″) Download the Int’l A4 Size PDF (210 x 297mm) Like these? Check out more printable favor templates here.  

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Stitched Twine Picture

10 Fabulous Baker’s Twine DIY Projects

Baker’s twine has long been a quintessential embellishment for crafts of all kinds — card making, scrapbooking, and gift wrapping, just to name a few. But did you know that there are many other creative uses in crafting and DIY, which utilize this fun and fabulous material as a focal point rather than just an added feature? I didn’t. Until I picked up a copy of the latest edition of Make It Yourself magazine and read the article, Baker’s Dozen, highlighting 13...

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Star fish napkin holders

DIY Starfish Napkin Holders

This ocean-inspired craft project involves simple materials that come together quickly for a nice, polished result. All you need is: Empty toilet tissue roll(s) – one roll produces four approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) napkin rings Jute cord – a rough-looking natural fibre twine Starfish – I picked mine up for 99 cents each Common craft tools: Utility knife, ruler, craft/school glue, and pencil Measure off four equal sections on your toilet tissue roll, and cut with a utility knife. Don’t worry if the paper starts...

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Framed Seashell Monogram

Framed Seashell Monogram

So I just got back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was our first visit, and although the weather was unseasonably cool for the end of April, we had a really nice time. Before going I had visions of collecting oodles of shiny, spectacular seashells. What I found, upon arrival, were thousands of pieces of crushed shell everywhere, with nary a full shell in sight. Until the last day. On our final full day at the beach I decided to give shell collecting...

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DIY Colored Patio Lights

DIY Colored Patio Lights

Here’s a great project for anyone who, like me, enjoys the cheer of brightly colored patio lanterns but doesn’t want to pay a lot for them. With a few dollar store items, a string of white outdoor Christmas lights, and your neighbor’s drill, you’re all set for a fun and useful DIY project. Required Materials for Plastic Shot Glass Patio Lights Required Materials: string of white outdoor Christmas lights plastic shot glasses — one for each bulb plus a few spares acrylic craft paint in several...

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Paper Bird Cage Project

Free: Pretty Little Paper Bird Cages

Though I’m not a fan of locking innocent birds in small spaces, I’ve always been attracted to those decorative wired bird cages. I spent a whole summer looking for one once. And I never did find one. Enter this handy little do-it-yourself paper craft project! These cheery yellow and gray bird cages in fabulous geometric prints are easy to make and require very few materials: Printable templates (free download at end of post) A color printer Card stock Scissors Glue stick String A big needle Required Materials They’re great as general...

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