Paper Bird Cage Project

Though I’m not a fan of locking innocent birds in small spaces, I’ve always been attracted to those decorative wired bird cages. I spent a whole summer looking for one once. And I never did find one.

Enter this handy little do-it-yourself paper craft project!

These cheery yellow and gray bird cages in fabulous geometric prints are easy to make and require very few materials:

  • Printable templates (free download at end of post)
  • A color printer
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • String
  • A big needle
Required Materials
Required Materials

They’re great as general home decor, birthday party decor, nursery decor, or baby shower decor. My finished set hangs above my head in my office as I type this.

Here are some of the assembly steps in pictures:

Forming the Base
Forming the Base
Attaching the Wires
Attaching the Wires
Gluing the Top Together
Gluing the Top Together
Paper Bird
Assembling the Bird
Stringing it Together
Stringing it All Together
All Done and On Display
The Finished Product

If you’re interested in making this little DIY project as decoration for an upcoming celebration or that special little spot in your home, download a copy of the printable file below. Each birdcage should take approximately 45 minutes to assemble. Happy crafting!

Free Printable Paper Bird Cage Decorations - Yellow and Gray

FREE DOWNLOAD: Yellow and Gray Printable Paper Bird Cages

Free Printable Paper Bird Cage Decorations - Pink and Gray

FREE DOWNLOAD: Pink and Gray Printable Paper Bird Cages