Chevron Map Wall Art

Tell me, where did ideas come from before Pinterest?

I saw a pin for this project and said to myself, my wall must have these!

It was surprisingly quick and easy to put together, and I just happened to have everything needed to make it happen: a map, some mod podge, a small piece of plywood, a jigsaw, and some hooks. Chevron Map Wall Art

First I created templates for three nesting chevrons, a smaller set for the map portion, and a slightly larger set for the wood. I traced the smaller set onto my world map.

If you want to duplicate this project, you can download the chevron templates here. Chevron Map Wall Art

Next I cut them out. Although terribly wrinkly from the folds in the map, they came out quite seamless after being glued to the wood. Chevron Map Wall Art

The next step was to trace the larger set of chevrons onto the wood. (The largest of the templates don’t fit on a single sheet of paper so you have to trace one half, and then rotate it to complete the chevron.) Chevron Map Wall Art

Next, I cut out the chevrons with a jigsaw. Chevron Map Wall Art

I made sure that the hooks I attached to the back sides were aligned horizontally, and directly down the centre of each chevron. Chevron Map Wall Art

I applied a thin layer of mod podge to the front of each wood piece before laying the maps in place. Chevron Map Wall Art

Once they were dry, I applied an additional layer of podge on top to seal the maps. Chevron Map Wall Art

I do love the bright splash of blue they add to my growing wall of ideas found on Pinterest. Chevron Map Wall Art Chevron Map Wall Art